About Me

I'm Nazran, a Kuala Lumpur-based software / data engineer

I build stuff and participate in hackathons for fun and to learn new things. Love sharing what have I learned on various platforms.

Dreams of one day building my own startup as a technical founder.

Skills and Expertise

What I am good at 💪🏽

End-to-end data project

Utilize data for impact.

From identifying the problem scope, sourcing and extracting data, analysis, dashboarding, and model deployment, I am able to conduct a data project from start to finish

Web Development

Build great web experiences.

By using modern web toolkit, I build websites and apps which bring delight whether it is a static landing page or an analytical web application.

Product Development

Build the right product for the problem.

Through conducting user interviews, identifying success metrics, planning development, and tracking product analytics.

Teaching & Knowledge Sharing

“Jangan kedekut ilmu”.

I deliver talks in meetups and conferences to share what I know and lessons learnt from my journey and mistakes.

Nazran in Action

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